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                             Rest In Prem

RIP, A Perfect Paranormal Romantic Comedy!

Joyita Basak, The Bong Junction 

The trailer of Rest In Prem, directed by Arijit Sorkar, was released recently. The trailer portrays a charming romantic comedy in between a guy and a beautiful ghost. Usually, the paranormal plot depicts some vicious activities all around, but Rest In Prem is utterly different in that context. It is entirely based on a simple guy Aadi who falls in love with a ghost Porna. The whole plot will revolve around their defining chemistry. 

Sayan Ghosh, Sumana Das, and Dipangshu Acharya play pivotal roles in the upcoming web series. The cast of the film are well-known faces in the city because of their versatile fields of profession in the media and entertainment industry. 

Arijit Sorkar, the director of Rest in Prem, emphasized, “Our story is a paranormal rom-com. We started shooting in November last year. Then we have completed the whole editing process after lockdown, and the release has been scheduled during Kali Puja this year. And it’s totally an independent web series. There have been many independent films released previously. nullindependent web series in Kolkata. A song ‘Tumpa’ from the web series is also published at Confused Pictures’ Official Youtube Channel. With capturing music and an ambiance-filled music video, Tumpa is one song this Pujo that will make you rock and roll! 

The web series will be released on 13th November.

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